We often hear about outstanding people within our community. These people come from different ages and background, yet they have the same quality: determined to achieve their goals despite challenges. Local Legend is a cycling event that is being held to seek these talented people from different communities within the country. At Local Legend, we want to achieve certain goal and challenge our personal limitation in this cycling challenge. As a platform, Local Legend celebrates environmental action and healthy lifestyle of communities and individuals to create a more sustainable world.


Local Legend was held for the first time on November 2021 as a time trial competition. During this pandemic period, local cycling communities competed to finish the individual group race for the fastest time. The second event was held openly in Pakuwon City, Surabaya on September 2022 as a criterium race. The categories were Women open , Men under 36 yo and Men above 36 yo.


For fairness, we will divide the race into age group categories, male and female, athlete and non athlete. Whether you are athlete or cycling enthusiast, Local Legend is open for everyone. The purpose is challenge yourself and your personal limitation.